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Rules & Regulations
  1. Children should wear the prescribed school uniform on week days P.T. uniform on Saturday is compulsory.
  2. No Child will be allowed to sit for annual examination and terminal examination if the school fees and other dues are not cleared.
  3. Fees should be paid before 10th of each month. After that fine will be charged. Fees can also be paid in two installments of six month each.
  4. The Parents are requested to check the home work note books diaries and also monthly report their child regularly.
  5. Children should treat the school property as their own and use it carefully. In case of damage, the child will be charged with appropriate fine or compensation
  6. Plucking flowers is strictly prohibited
  7. No exemption will be granted from the school activities unless so advised by the doctor in writing.
  8. Parents should reach school five minutes before the school bell rings. Late comers will be dealt with strictly.
  9. Parents should not be disturb the child or the teachers during the school hours.
  10. Parents are requested not to indulge their child in tuition work. It should be discourged because it can harm the real progress of the students
  11. A leave to more then two days from the school be acompanied by the medical certificate.
  12. A student who remains absent from school, should send application duly signed by the parents/guardians
  13. A student may be expelled from the school in case of indiscipline, misbehaver and also if he/she fails to come upto the academic standard of the school
  14. All Correspondence regarding school matter of the student should be addressed to the principal and not to any staff member by name. All requests or suggestion should be made in writing
  15. Every student must have a school dairy. Which should be brought to school dairy.
  16. All student expect the pre-primary student are expected to study in classes on their early arrival.
  17. Student must great their teachers, elders and visitors. They should great each other also.
  18. Pupils must conversion in English in school premises.
  19. Pupils are not allowed to bring money or valuable things in the school premises.
  20. Students shall no engage in any sort of money transaciton of rise funds for any reason without the prior saction of the principal.
  21. Using of mobile phone is strictly prohibited during school hours
  22. Every article should bear the name of the pupil
  23. Student are not allowed to by any things from the street hawkers
  24. No Student is allowed to leave the school during school hours without the permission of the principal.
  25. Fines of student can only be imposed upon after approval of the principal and it should be paid against the school receipt.
  26. Pleasant manners, disciplined behavior, cleanliness and punctual its are indispensable for a student at every time.
  27. When the school is working, maintenance of peace should be the sole concern of the students and teachers
  28. Aimless wandering and highly bad behavior will be dealt with strictly.